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第八届Chinese CHI大会将于2020年5月30日在线上召开。直播入口: code。
由世界华人华侨人机交互协会(ICACHI)举办的这一学术会议已日益成为连接世界范围内的华人HCI学者、学术界和产业界的重要会议。从2012年起,Chinese CHI已分别在巴黎、多伦多、首尔、硅谷、中国广州、加拿大蒙特利尔以及中国厦门成功举办七届。

The eighth International Workshop of Chinese CHI (Chinese CHI2020) will be held online on May 30, 2020. Live address: or QR code.

Supported by the International Chinese Association of Computer Human Interaction(ICACHI), Chinese CHI is steered by a group of globally distributed HCI researchers, practitioners, academics and students concerning about the development of HCI as a thriving field in the global Chinese communities as well as the research and practice of HCI topics where Chinese users, languages, cultures and societies are salient constituents.

Aside from continuing increasing the quality and influence of the symposium, Chinese CHI 2020 will primarily focus on connecting the international HCI community to the booming Chinese computing industry. The theme of Chinese CHI2020 is Cross, Connect and Create..

Important Dates

Paper Submission Due: Jan 22,2020 PDT   Feb 3, 2020 PDT.
Paper Notification: Feb 21,2020 PDT   Feb 25, 2020 PDT.
Poster Submission Due: Feb 22,2020 PDT  Feb 27, 2020 PDT   Mar 2, 2020 PDT.
Poster Notification: Mar 9,2020 PDT  Mar 16, 2020 PDT   Mar 20, 2020 PDT.